Field of work - Permits


Many of the activities related to construction and the environment are regulated by permits. A permit (or dispensation) is an official (essential) form of permission from the competent authority with regard to carrying out a certain activity.

Certain activities are not subject to permits being granted, but do have to be reported to the competent authority (usually the local authority). Examples are a demolition notification or a notification within the framework of the Activities Decree. Obtaining the necessary permits for activities relating both to construction and the environment can be a lengthy and complex process. The combining and submission, at the right point in time, of permits, or the reporting of activities, can shorten the procedure considerably. The advisers of Aelmans Tuinbouw Advies, together with the advisers of Aelmans Ruimte, Omgeving & Milieu B.V., have plenty of experience in applying for (complex) permits and in arranging notifications. We would be only too pleased to tell you about the possibilities. maakt gebruik van cookies. Sluit deze melding