Field of work - Design and architecture

Design and architecture

Architecture is out-and-out design. Suitable architecture can be created by thinking carefully, on numerous levels, about quality in the event of alterations, extensions or new construction work. These 3 levels are the surrounding landscape, the layout of your building plot and the visual manifestation of the buildings themselves.

The challenge facing our designers is to draw up feasible plans using a solution-oriented approach which suit you and your environment. The scale and the content of the plans can vary hugely from the relocation of an entire company, to new construction work on existing commercial premises, and to the implementation of small changes or additions. Our designers are fully aware that spatial quality has to do with visual manifestation, in other words architecture in combination with use of materials and colours, the layout of the land and its connection with the surrounding landscape, as well as cultural historical values, perception-related aspects and image. Let our designers surprise you with their refreshing approach! maakt gebruik van cookies. Sluit deze melding